Article Marketing Vs Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing: Beneficious of the Two

Article marketing and PPC marketing both are advertising mediums used by experienced internet marketers. As a beginner choosing between both these mediums is difficult, though article marketing far outweigh the risks involved in PPC marketing. There are some major differences between these two forms of advertising medium which will help you decide which will be much more benificious for your business.


The big advantage of article marketing over pay per click for the beginner is that with no cost you can start getting the benefit of getting traffic even if it is a little bit each month. Getting traffic at no cost obviously beats the risk spending hundreds of dollars in experimenting and finally getting beaten from a pay per click campaign management. Although writing and publishing an article and finally getting no traffic from it only wastes your time,but no money,stiil there is a chance of getting few back links to your website from it.Incomparison if you set up a pay per click campaign spending hundreds of money and finally getting no results from it is very much cost effective. Therefore the risks involved in article marketing are much less than pay per click marketing.


Another advantage in article marketing over pay per click marketing is that it is free from monitoring. As for example once you have published an article you need not need to monitor it. It will do its own work and finally brings traffic to your site. But this is not in case of pay per click marketing. Even if it brings traffic to your online business more rapidly you need to keep monitoring and tracking it. Also it will only bring traffic as long as you are paying for your advertisement. As soon as you stop paying you will also move out from the line of getting traffic.

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